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The USA Triathlon Mid-Atlantic Region recently announced the continuation of the USAT Mid-Atlantic Region Youth Triathlon Series where youth triathletes in the Mid-Atlantic Region will have the unique opportunity to participate in the only region-wide youth triathlon race series. The series was developed through the coordination of the Region’s Youth Committee and Race Directors throughout the region and is designed to provide opportunities for young triathletes to race close to home, introduce new youth athletes to multi-sport, and encourage race organizers to produce events specifically designed for youth athletes.

The series will run from May through September. Triathletes will earn points based on their performances at the races in the series, and overall winners will be awarded at the end of the season.


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May 1 – East Coast Triathlon Festival
Richmond, VA

May 15 – Tar Heel Youth Triathlon Race 1
Chapel Hill, NC

May 21 – VCU Powerkids Triathlon
Richmond, VA

June 5 – The Arlington Triathlon
Arlington, VA

July 16 – Fairmount Park Family Triathlon
Philadelphia, PA

August 6 – Hunting Park Family Triathlon
Philadelphia, PA

August 27 – Nottingham Kids Triathlon
Mount Airy, MD

August 28 – Tar Heel Youth Triathlon Race 2
Chapel Hill, NC

September 25 – Tar Heel Youth Triathlon Race 3
Cary, NC

Amelya Jayne Photography LLCSeries Eligibility
The Mid-Atlantic Region Youth Series is open to all athletes between the race age of 7 and 15. “Race age” is the athlete’s age on December 31, 2016. Series events are independently operated and entry is not guaranteed. Event directors have the right to limit the number of participants in their event. It is in the athlete’s best interest to register in advance for all of the races in which she plans to participate.

Age Group Categories
Youth 7-8
Youth 9-10
Youth 11-12
Youth 13-15

Point Breakdown
1st place in age group = 60 points
2nd place in age group = 50 points
3rd place in age group = 42 points
4th place in age group = 35 points
5th place in age group = 30 points
6th place in age group = 25 points
7th place in age group = 20 points
8th place in age group = 15 points
9th place in age group = 10 points
10th place in age group = 5 points

Series Scoring
At each race, the top 10 finishers within each age group will earn points. The top two scores of each athlete will be tallied at the series’ end and the top three athletes in each age group – of each gender – at the end of the series will be recognized and awarded. Athletes need to participate in two or more events to be eligible for series awards.

In the event of a tie between two or more athletes, scores will be weighted by the age group size of the scoring races, with a larger field carrying more weight than a smaller one. Ties will only be broken for the top three in each age group in the series. Series results will be updated and posted on the USAT Mid-Atlantic Region page (http://www.usat-ma.org/news/youth-triathlon-news/). Overall series winners will be announced following the final race of the series.

**Current Standings**

Race Cancellations and Alterations
If an event is altered to a duathlon or aquathlon format, points will still be awarded. If a race is changed to a run-only format or canceled no points will be awarded for that event.

Series Questions
Any questions regarding the Mid-Atlantic Region Youth Series should be directed to Frank Fitzpatrick at frank@minicowtriclub.com.